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Networking Events


Since the first meeting in May 2018, a tradition to promote monthly networking events has been established, and these meetings are the essential identity of this group. Recently, we are promoting online networking sessions during our workshops.




Subject Matter Experts, recruiters and Project Management professionals bring different perspectives and present different approaches on how to succeed in the job market. Our workshops present different content in different formats: lectures, lean coffee, in person or online.


Job Posting


Our members are encouraged to share job opportunities received either from hiring professionals or job postings available at the company they work for

Information Sharing


Relevant information about project management and the Canadian job market is constantly shared on our social networks


Resume Analysis & Interview Preparation


Develop and/or enhance job searching skills and techniques to become self-sufficient in accomplishing career goals in Canada. Recommendations provided based on feedbacks from recruiters and HR professionals, commonly used in the Canadian job market.

Job Search Tips and Tricks


Several tips and job search content are published quite often through the group’s media channels making relevant information available for future consultation regardless of time of membership enrollment.



This program is designed to connect mentees and mentors who offer support and encourage mentees to develop their skills, improve their performance and become the professionals they plan to be. The Mentor-Mentee match will connect six times for at least 1 hour within 10 ~12 weeks via online meetings. There will also be full group meetings to present and discuss topics that will offer participants the tools they need to enhance their career path and planning.


Study Group


Knowing that each group is unique, the TNPM Study Group encourages their participants to discuss individual observations, reading and research, exchanging ideas and information on a specific subject with the ability to cover much in a short period of time.

With dynamic sessions at scheduled intervals, participants join in the study of subject matters to master competencies required by the Canadian market, ending up in most of the cases passing their certification tests.

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